Happiest Places to Work was founded by Silvia Garcia. Depending on each client’s needs, Silvia brings in to the project bright team players, excellent listeners, creative, engaged, hard workers; all fun to work with and with a passion for increasing happiness!

Silvia Garcia - Founder and CEO


"Happiness Fuels Success"

Former Global Director of the Happiness Institute of The Coca-Cola Company. Silvia has been at the forefront of the discoveries and science of happiness during the last 10 years. From the Prime Minister of Buthan, the country that measures Gross Domestic Happiness, to the Happiest Man on Earth, Neuroscientists, Economists, and Psychologists of Happiness, Silvia has learnt and worked with them all.

Arturo Mota Espinoza - International Happiness Director


"Happy places are not born but created by design"

For more than 10 years, Arturo has helped companies increase happiness and productivity as unique advantages to succeed.

At Happiest Places to Work, Arturo is responsible of our international expansion to help new clients around the world measure and increase employees' happiness.